[mythtv-users] Better way to export TV nuv files

Tim Gray tim at p-a-a-i.com
Tue Mar 13 12:00:02 UTC 2007

0.20 is what I am running.
I also use a pvr-350 and a AverTv card that is like the 150.

problem is, mythtv forced a mpeg4 that is transcoded into a nuv file.  I
record in mpeg but in order to not have to carry a terabyte with me to grab
the 1 and 2 gig sized mpegs  I transcode to mpeg4 using myth's built in
automatic transcode.

anything transcoded to a mpeg4 turns into a nuv file with a mpeg 4 inside

If you have a way I can go straight to mpeg4 avi or mp4 file container AND
have them show up in the pretty folder I would be all over it, but until
then I am stuck with the nuv files the transcoder makes and I want them to
show up in the pretty folder.   I seem to not be able to find a solution
that gives me a file format or compression I want AND have the files with
showname-title-date.ext on them.

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