[mythtv-users] Video suspend issues with EPIA M10000/Unichrome

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 10:00:40 UTC 2007


That's very interesting to me. I have an EPIA EN12000-EG, with unichrome pro (CN700 northbridge). When I resume from S3, the screen is completely blank (like DPMS is off). No way to get the screen alive again. Did you guys experience a black screen after resuming from S3 ?? I use the openchrome driver, if that's of relevance.

Thanks for any tips.

Jason Knisley <knisleyjw at yahoo.com> wrote: Hello!

I've been searching through posts and websites to see
if anyone's come across this problem...

I recently purchased a VIA EPIA M10000 for an updated
frontend system, and it works quite nicely, except for
the suspend function. It suspends, then comes back,
and everything works beautifully... except video
playback in MythTV.

I've tried playback with mplayer regularly and
full-screen, and that seems to work fine, but after a
suspend, I get a lot of stuttering and jerking in the
video. I had thought it might be the NIC, but the
actual nuppelvideo files are playing quite well just
using mplayer.

Has anyone experienced this before? Anyone know how to
fix it, or at least might be able to point me in the
direction of why mplayer has flawless playback after
suspend, but MythTV's is unwatchable?

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