[mythtv-users] Help me get my tv working at 1080i!

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Tue Mar 13 03:31:40 UTC 2007

On 3/13/07, D <daspiras at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Which I interpreted as Modeline "1768x992-HD" 74.250 1920 2008 2056 2352
> > 1080 1084 1094 1212 interlace +vsync +hsync
> I don't have an HDTV but I wasn't aware you needed to specify "-HD" on
> the modeline.  The resolution is what is "HD." Have you tried them
> without the -HD suffix?

The first field of a modeline is simplay a name.  You could name your
1024x768 resolution "47578x45734734745OMGITSHUGE" and X wouldn't care.
 (Note that this is only the case for user specified modelines, not
the "automagic" nvidia modelines).

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