[mythtv-users] remote codes

Josh TwoOneSix at thatclothingco.com
Tue Mar 13 01:50:07 UTC 2007

Does anyone have a lirc conf for a Denon RC-1048?

I have searched high and low and even irrecorded 4 of my own and for 
some reason it's just not freakin' working... I have hacked through the 
Denons on the lirc archive and even tried hacking in the Denon generic 
conf... nothing seems to be working for me. I get no errors and the 
transmitter diode even flashes when I send an irsend command, heck when 
I move my IR receiver in front of the transmitter diode it even captures 
the irsend correctly. I'm at a loss here. The factory remote works fine 
and even a universal AllForOne works with the receiver, but they both 
output fairly different irrecord files... the button presses are the 
same but the headers are different.

Any insight would be much appreciated, as always.


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