[mythtv-users] VIA EPIA EX-series Mini-ITX Mainboard

Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
Mon Mar 12 21:17:44 UTC 2007


What is the reason I should use the openchrome driver instead of the VIA
driver. If I read the driver description is looks like VIA driver supports
the functions I need.

Quote from the VIA site:
For Debian 3.1r4, Fedora Core4/5/6, Mandriva 2007 and Ubuntu 6.10 Desktop:
This installation guide (IG) describes how to build the combo display driver
source and install the driver binary for
CLE266/CN400/CN700/CN800/CX700(M/M2)/PM880/P4M800 CE-Pro/VN800/VX700(M/M2)
north bridge chips with the UniChrome (Pro) integrated graphics processors.
Instructions are included for customizing system display resolution and
color depth using the "Display" Tool and using the "XVidtune Tool" to adjust
the refresh rate. "2D", "MPEG2/4 Hardware Acceleration", "Hardware Video
Overlay", and "TV Out" including HDTV, DuoView and SAMM Mode settings
functions are included for user's reference. The HDTV output function is
only supported in CN400/CN700/CN800/CX700(M/M2)/PM880/P4M800
CE-Pro/VN800/VX700(M/M2) chips, the MPEG4 Hardware Acceleration function is
only supported in CN400/CX700M(M2)/PM880/VX700M(M2) chips. System memory is
recommended to be 64MB or above.


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On 11/03/07, Wim Fokkens <wimfokkens at planet.nl> wrote:
> Has anyone tried this board already.

The OpenChrome wiki
shows no current support for the CX700 chip, and limited support for
the vt1625 TV-Out chip.

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