[mythtv-users] DVD Rip and Recent DVDs

tgate tgate at mypublic.net
Mon Mar 12 20:45:33 UTC 2007

> I recently had this problem and figured out that dvd decrypter in
> windows could make an iso (you may have to enable ignore read errors).
> Then if you wanted you could transfer the iso to your mythbox or to a
> new dvd without the intentional errors.

I have done this in the past (on a mac though) it's just a pain when  
I think I should be able to simply put the DVD in the mythbox and  
go.  And the myth DVD ripper is faster than my mac version.

> I don't know a solution,
> but if you own the DVD's, you could just download them, since you own
> them it wouldnt be illegal, and from my experience downloading doesnt
> take much longer then ripping them

Do you mean to suggest that there is a standard procedure of  
downloading a movie if I already own the DVD?  I'm not aware of  
anything like that, I could certainly go that route.

I don't mean/want to start a whole DRM descussion, I thought if I  
owned the DVD it was the same as me ripping a CD of music that I  
own.  Maybe that's "illegal" too.
My apologies if I've entered a forbidden topic.

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