[mythtv-users] MythArchive Guide - Burning TV Programs to DVD

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Mon Mar 12 19:07:18 UTC 2007

George Nassas wrote:
> On 10-Mar-07, at 12:12 AM, Phil Tanguay wrote:
>> I've given some thought on  making a  "1 click" solution to   
>> archiving to disk - it would be nice to  be able to do it right  
>> from the "View Recordings" screen without having to go thru several  
>> (and sometimes counter-intuitive, IMO) steps.  I'm not sure how  
>> easy or difficult it would be to tie the MythArchive plugin into a  
>> completely different part of the UI, however.  Comments?
> I'd also like to see something along these lines. My thought would be  
> to add something to the playlist menu like "Burn to DVD" which would  
> launch mytharchive with the playlist programs and a bunch of  
> preselects for theme, sound, requants and whatever. Probably the  
> preselects would be managed in mytharchive itself but I haven't  
> looked through how it's implemented to see if that's easy or  
> appropriate.
> Paul, if you're listening, are you favourable to such an idea? I have  
> some free time coming up so I could do the implementation.
> This would work great for my sisters who are always out of town when  
> they have the free time to watch the stuff they've recorded. They  
> don't care about all this fine-grained control of how the disc is  
> prepared. They just want to drop two hours of mysteries onto a DVD  
> which they can take away and watch later.
> - George
Yep. I can sort of see how that would work.

You can easily add items to the list of files to be archived by just 
inserting a record with the details into the archiveitems table. It's 
alway been my intension to add an option in the appropriate places in 
the recording playback screens that would do just that. I've just never 
got round to it. It would also be possible to do something similar in 

It would be possible to bypass the MythArchive UI altogether by creating 
the job xml file and starting the mythburn.py script from the frontend 
but it would have to have most options set to some default values like 
which theme to use, whether to use the cut list, whether to burn the DVD 
or just create the  ISO etc. I'm not sure I like that idea.

One important thing is that not everyone has MythArchive  installed so 
there should be some sort of check to see if it is available and only 
show the archive options if required.

Paul H.

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