[mythtv-users] New Sports/TV API (find upsets, no hitters through 7, etc.)

Mark Phillip mark at areyouwatchingthis.com
Mon Mar 12 16:26:46 UTC 2007

Hey folks, my name is Mark and I'm running a site that Myth sports fans 
might find really interesting.

I'm writing you folks because a plugin powered by our API would enable 
some really interesting functionality like:
    - Automatically start recording any game on my TV that goes into 
double overtime
    - Game score and time left directly in the program guide
    - Get alerts when an exciting game is happening on another channel

The site is called areyouwatchingthis.com, and at its core is an engine 
that scours a sports feed hunting for the next "instant classic" in the 
making.  By analyzing the score, the sport, the teams involved, and a 
bunch of other variables, it can rate a game and let you know if it's 
worth watching or not.  In essence, it'll make sure you're not the loser 
at work the next day that missed the triple OT buzzer-beater cause you 
were doing laundry or something equally as lame.

And best of all the XML-based API interaction is dead simple--you pass 
in a callsign (ESPN, SPEED, WCBS), and it passes back the game currently 
on that channel, the score, headline for the game preview news story, 
and among other things, a rating of how exciting the game is.  I think 
for sports fans and non-sports fans alike, having a quick way to see if 
a game is really exciting or a complete blowout, would be really useful.

The API is complete and powering items like a Firefox Addon and other 
widgets (areyouwatchingthis.com/widgets), but the API isn't released yet 
because I'm tweaking it as I come up with new features, and I'm willing 
to continue to add to it if it will make the integration with MythTV 

If anyone is interested, let me know and I can send you more information.

Thanks much,
Mark Phillip

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