[mythtv-users] My MySql hell :-)

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 14:26:19 UTC 2007

Thanks Peter,

I'll try that out later. I wondered myself if the 'apt-get remove 
--purge packagename' just removed the program and not the files, leaving 
me with the same problem. I was dubious about deleting mysql manually 
though in case other things were depending on it. Uninstalling 
mysql-server with the package manager went ok, but when I thought about 
getting rid of other mysql parts, the program told me that there were 
lots of dependencies (like amock etc) and it looked like it was going to 
remove all of those if i clicked continue, so I didn't :-)

I don't really care about any other programs at the moment. Just want to 
get Myth up and running and then build up from there, but I was nervous 
of breaking more than I was curing.


Peter Abplanalp wrote:
> i'm not familiar with your distro but here is what i would do:
> 1) check to see where mysql is installed using your package manager.  on fedora, i'd run 'rpm -ql mysql-server'.  you could also check around, it is usually in /var/lib/mysql with some stuff in /etc/mysql or some such.
> 2) once i figured out where mysql was installed, i'd remove it using the commands you list below.
> 3) i'd verify that the server got *completely* removed.  look in /etc/mysql and the like and make sure it is all gone.  also ensure that the directory i tracked down in step 1 was gone (i.e. /var/lib/mysql).  if anything at all is still around, remove it by hand 'rm -rf /var/lib/mysql /etc/mysql' (note: be careful with the rm -rf command.  especially if you are going to use wildcards.)
> now, hopefully, mysql is completely removed.  i think your problem might be that your removals didn't actually remove everything because the process might have thought you want to keep the data around.  in which case the root password would also still be there.  i would now reinstall and test out mysql by itself.
> 4) apt-get install mysql-server.
> 5) see if i can log into the server 'mysql -u root -p' hit enter when prompted for a password.
> 6) reset the mysql root password to something i know and write it down.
> 7) once i knew i had a working mysql, i'd then try installing myth.
> i hope that helps.
> -peter
> ----- "Damian Surr" <damian at gingermagic.co.uk> wrote:
>> I just found this page:
>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72645
>> recommending this command
>> "apt-get remove --purge packagename"
>> Ran
>> sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server
>> and all seemed to go ok
>> sudo apt-get remove --purge mythtv-database
>> seemed to go ok
>> sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0
>> seemed to go ok
>> Logged off and back on.
>> Ran synaptic package manager and re-installed mysql-server and 
>> mythtv-database, but I'm still having the same trouble.
>> Damian
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