[mythtv-users] mythdvd not doing anything?

Joe sn00p99 at optonline.net
Mon Mar 12 11:29:51 UTC 2007

> Joe wrote:
>> maybe its just something simple that i'm not doing right, but i cant
>> get mythdvd to import a dvd. it plays them fine. when i go to import
>> dvd, it shows the info fine, i want to record a perfect copy so i
>> select that. then you hit 0 to start the process correct? when i do
>> that it says no jobs, nothing to do.
>> what am i doing wrong?
>> any info would be great.
>> thanks
>> Joe
> You need to have mtd running. Exit the frontend and at the command
> prompt put 'mtd --daemon' and then restart the frontend. That should fix
> it for you. Its up to you on how to auto start it. (/etc/rc.local)
sorry, i missed listing that step. mtd is running. if it is not running, you 
get a big box saying that the
myth transcode daemon is not running and it wont do anything.
in my case, it looks like everything is working properly, but when you hit 0 
it says
"No Jobs and nothing left to do, you could hit 0 to rip a dvd"
and when you hit 0 it goes back to the same screen where you select which 
VOB to rip.
any ideas?
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