[mythtv-users] Question about problem with mythv setup...

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 09:24:19 UTC 2007


I have mythtv installed on my FC6 machine. It has been working for
nearly 2 years now without much problem. Currently running 0.20
(latest package from atrpms).

I have noticed a little problem with mythtv and wanted to check if
anyone was having the same problem.

In Australia, all show on free to air TV start late and finish even
later than scheduled.
So to avoid the issue of having cut-off recordings, I have set up
mythtv with 10 minutes end-late settings.

The problem with this is that whenever I press the record button (or R
key), then the recording will start (e.g. display recording "xxxx")
but then immediately after the channel number will show (just like I
just changed channel), sound will interrupt for about .5s and it will
start again.
In the recordings session, I can then see two recordings "xxxx" , one
lasting a few seconds, the other one being from the time I press the R
key to when the recording is supposed to stop.
This recording isn't marked as being currently recorded (e.g. appear
in red colour in the recording list).
It does this for all channels.

If I remove the 10 minutes end-late setting back to the default 0,
then the above behaviour will not happen. Note that it usually takes
about 5+ minutes before the problem start disappearing (and inversely,
if I change the end-late settings, it takes 5+ minutes for the problem
to start appearing).

I have tried with a complete new installation of mythtv, including
destroying the mysql database, and the problem always happen if I
change the end-late setting.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
I use 3 DVB-T cards.

Thank you

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