[mythtv-users] Screensaver

Steven Novick sjnovick at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 23:11:42 UTC 2007

Dear all,

  I want to set up Myth Tv on an Ubuntu Edgy system.  I tried Myth TV once before (v 0.17 or 0.18) and had it almost successfully set up, with one disappointing exception--the screensaver.

  This is what I would like to know:

I want the screensaver to come on when the TV is not playing for say 10 minutes.  For example, I might be looking at the menu for 10 minutes or be looking at paused TV for 10 minutes.

So the screensaver shouldn't come on WHILE I'm watching TV and I shouldn't need to disable the screensaver.

Is this screensaver functionality now a feature of MythTV ?



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