[mythtv-users] Where are those new 1TB drives?

Melvin J. Cureton melvincureton at MELCRYS.COM
Sun Mar 11 00:03:57 UTC 2007

I have a Si3124 4-port card w/ a 320, 250, and 2x160 in a RAID 1. I
greatly recommend anyone that's planning on getting a card to get this
one as it supports multiplexing. You can multiplex 5 drives/channel
giving you a total of 20 drives on a $50 card. I think you can even span
across multiple cards in the same system. I plan you use an old cd tower
and some icy docks (I think someone mentioned that earlier) and pop a
few of those 1TB Hitachi drives in there. Also you can get away with a
small case and use one SATA port and use a multiplexer and have a 5
drive external case instead of huge tower case.


Card: http://www.siliconimage.com/products/product.aspx?id=27

Multiplexer: http://www.siliconimage.com/products/product.aspx?id=26



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So is going to RAID easy?  and can you go with some IDE and some SATA?
I always need more space (currently 1 350gig ide, and 2x250gig ide in my
be/fe) and i've been thinking about getting HDHR, so need more space,
and eventually would love to put every DVD i own in myth, so have been
debating a RAID, but i am tottally clueless when it comes to that.  and
is RAID5 the concensus best choice?  And i see discussion on
software/hardware.  Do you still need a controlling RAID5 card, or if
you just get a SATA card/mobo to attach drives too, linux has software
to handle it all?  And for apearance sake i don't want a huge tower in
the living room, so would i have to separate the BE to my basement into
a huge tower?  I apologize for my ignorance in this area.  I just want
as much info as i can get before i do it.  

MacNean C. Tyrrell 

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