[mythtv-users] Silverstone LM14M Case with VFD and Linux driver

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Sat Mar 10 23:47:12 UTC 2007

Hi all -

Got everything installed, box is up and running, lircd-0.8.1 installed and
running, amd lcdproc compiled and installed. I can send stuff to the VFD
by doing this:

echo Hello > /dev/lcd

However, I think I am trying to use the wrong driver with lcdproc, because
the LCDd daemon doesn't load.  I tried compiling lcdproc with the hd44780
driver (which the LC03x cases use), but I think that's the wrong one,
because it uses a parallel port, and this case's VFD uses a USB port.

Anyone who has this working, could you post a copy of your LCDd.conf file?
 It should be the same for the LC14M and LC16M.

Thanks in advance!

>I have the VFD driver and lirc working w/supplied remote on my LC16M case,
>not that hard. Right now I just have the VFD showing a clock because
>there's no other dedicated clock display in the room since the VCR has
been >retired.
>I had a little trouble (last year) getting the display to show mythtv
>events like one is supposed to be able to do, but others have reported
>success, and I believe someone on the list has the extra case buttons &
>knob working as well. My case sits over by the TV so I am pretty happy
as >long as the remote works and there's a clock. I did get a Harmony 720
a >couple of months ago and it "almost" works with the VFD iMon receiver,
>still need to tune it so I don't have to double-click the Harmony keys.
It >must not be bugging me too much to use the iMon remote or I would
have > >fixed it.

Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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