[mythtv-users] Theme updates - blootube-wide, blootubelite-wide

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 22:06:43 UTC 2007

Tom wrote:
> Justin,

>I have been using blootube-wide for a while now. It's great. The
>theme is well-designed. The graphics are really professional.

>I want to say thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough and
>professional job - and for sharing this with the rest of us.


Themes are strictly a matter of personal taste but if some people use
mine & like the look of them, it makes me happy :)

IMHO the whole of the project could do with more praise all round -
there's too much complaining going on out there.

Thanks again,

Justin Hornsby
Creator of ProjectGrayhem, blootube and neon-wide themes for MythTV
email: justin(dot)hornsby(at)gmail.com
web: http://www.juski.co.uk

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