[mythtv-users] duplicate subchannel names, no program data

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 19:53:37 UTC 2007

I just got my new myth FE/BE up and running with an HDHR. I have about
6 channels I can watch on my Comcast cable service. Comcast just
bought Adelphia here and have been moving the channels around a
little. They moved the network locals from in the 80's, down to low
numbers. Now theyre all in a row, in subchannels of channel 1.
here's what I have now:
1-1 = ABC
1-1 = CBS
1-1 = WETAHD
1-3 = NBC
1-3 = FOX
85-2 = DiscoveryHD
108.X = Other people's On Demand. These come and go. whatever.

This presents me with several problems. I am able to tune to all of
the above using VLC. The channels show up if I set the HDHR to channel
1 program 1,2,3, etc. However, after letting myth scan for channels,
It only sees one channel for 1-1, but fails to tune it in. Is there a
way to successfully add these channels so they are usable?

Second, from what I understand, for digital cable, you have to use OTA
lineups with zap2it due to the cable company remapping channels, is
that right? In that case, how would I get listings for Discovery HD,
since that's a cable only channel? Also, the OTA subchannels are not
the same as the ones delivered thru the cable company. Is there a way
to alias a digital subchannel, to the name it's listed as in zap2it so
I can get the correct listing?

Thanks to everyone that has helped me get this far.

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