[mythtv-users] CX88 "Blackbird" audio razziness

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Sat Mar 10 16:25:03 UTC 2007

On Thursday 01 March 2007 12:54, Dennis Hand wrote:
> >OK, I've uploaded my wiki entry for the card:
> >
> >http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/AVerMedia_M150-D
> >I used the standard drivers in the kernel; I haven't tried
> > anything from the v4l site itself. If you try that approach and don't
> > have the audio problems, I'd love to hear about it.
> I believe one of the new things in the v4l code is that they have made
> the Avermedia M150 use the standard firmware instead of the one your
> referring to. From the v4l ChangeLog.

A few days ago I downloaded the latest v4l package from 
http://linuxtv.org/repo/, and I've made a few attempts at getting it to work. 
Unfortunately, they've all failed, whether I use the firmware provided with 
IVTV or the firmware I got as described in my wiki entry. The driver loads 
and seems to work via mplayer; however, MythTV creates 0-length files, 
returning errors in its log:

2007-03-09 22:49:27.479 MPEGRec(/dev/v4l/video1) Error: Error getting codec 
params using old IVTV ioctl
                        eno: Bad address (14)
2007-03-09 22:49:27.484 MPEGRec(/dev/v4l/video1) Error: Can't open video 
                        eno: Device or resource busy (16)

This is with a kernel. I get the same results with a 2.6.20 kernel 
and its standard drivers. If you've had better luck, I'd love to hear the 

Rod Smith

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