[mythtv-users] Lirc Imon-pad Fedora Core 6

Dan Buijs dbuijs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 15:40:32 UTC 2007

Hello All,

I'm trying to get a version of Lirc installed that will let me use the pad
on my Imon-Pad remote. I can install the latest rpm package according to
Jarod's guide and that will let me use every button EXCEPT the pad. This
tells me the hardware's ok.

In this forum and in Venky's forum on Imon remotes, the only way to get this
working has been to patch the source and compile. I've downloaded the stable
packages from www.lirc.org (lirc-0.8.0 and lirc-0.8.1). I can compile these
packages on their own, but none of the patches I've found apply cleanly and
as a result I end up with a make error. I've also tried using prepatched
lirc_imon.c files, same problem.

The technique I use is to untar the package, apply the patch (patch -p0 <
lirc-0.8.0-imon-keys-kernel.patch), run setup.sh, select Usb -> Soundgraph
Imon, Save and configure, make.

I'm running Fedora Core 6 and kernel 2.6.19-1.2911.6.5.fc6.x86_64.

Has anyone been able to sucessfully patch Lirc under Fedora Core 6 with
lirc-0.8.0-imon-keys-kernel.patch? Would they be willing to post a detailed


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