[mythtv-users] BBC want to use microsoft drm for programs

Peter Bowyer peter at bowyer.org
Sat Mar 10 15:13:48 UTC 2007

Since the BBC Trust has already ruled that the DRM mechanism must be
cross-platform, there are a lot of people wasting their time on this


"Platform-agnostic approach: As proposed, the TV catch-up service on
the internet relies on Microsoft technology for the digital rights
management (DRM) framework. The Trust will require the BBC Executive
to adopt a platform-agnostic approach within a reasonable timeframe.
"This requires the BBC to develop an alternative DRM framework to
enable users of other technology, for example, Apple and Linux, to
access the on-demand services." "

If you wish to express your support for this, a petition to the PM
isn't necessary - the Trust is in a consultation period on these
rulings, to which interested parties can contribute. Fortunately, the
Government doesn't run the BBC, and the PM's office's response to the
petition will, along with almost all of the others, be 'go talk to the
right people'.

for the consultation details.


On 10/03/07, Paul Wheeler <paulrwheeler at gmail.com> wrote:
> From the petition:
> The BBC plans to launch an on-demand tv service which uses software
> that will only be available to Windows users. The BBC should not be
> allowed to show commercial bias in this way, or to exclude certain
> groups of the population from using its services. The BBC say that
> they provide 'services for everyone, free of commercial interests and
> political bias'. Locking the new service's users into Microsoft
> Windows whilst ignoring those members of society who use other
> operating systems should does not fit in with the BBC's ethos and
> should not be allowed.
> If you want to sign a petition against this please go here (Great
> britain people only I believe)
> http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/iplayer/
> I personally think this would be a very bad idea as they may well
> start broadcasting freeview etc in drm files!!
> Paul
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