[mythtv-users] Smoothing out playback?

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 10 12:35:44 UTC 2007

Some news here :

I am now using the debian-multimedia package (version 0.20-svn20070223-0.0) on all my boxes (b/e and f/e's). If fixed liveTV on one of my f/e's but I still observe the same problem on another one. More precisely, liveTV works fine for half a minute and then pauses about 2 sec, resumes playback, pauses 2sec, resumes again, etc. The log messages related to this behavior are :

2007-03-10 12:25:10.895 Checking to see if there's a new livetv program to switch to..
2007-03-10 12:25:11.955 NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.
2007-03-10 12:25:13.019 RingBuf(/multimed/mythtv/livetv/1006_20070310122457.mpg): Waited 1.0 seconds for data to become available...
on and on ...

It looks like it's trying to switch to another program periodically but it's always switching back to itself.

Did anybody observe such behavior ???


James Warden <warjamy at yahoo.com> wrote: you probably have a point here ;)
there are a few small things that the official 0.20 release does not have but considering that liveTV playback is screwed in my system, I will fall back to a more stable version.


Calvin Harrigan <charriglists at bellsouth.net> wrote: James Warden wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a similar problem these days :
> I have a b/e and a few remote f/e at home. I very recently updated 
> mythtv to the latest svn  version (one f/e just yesterday evening). 
> Since then, I've had lots of trouble  getting a smooth playback when 
> using a remote f/e and watching liveTV. Sometimes it works, say for 2mn, 
> sometimes it stutters very badly (with some 'wait timed out 10 times 
> messages'). This has nothing to do with my network speed (wired LAN or  
> wireless g). It worked perfectly well before I updated to the latest 
> SVN. But actually, it started to behave like this when the myth net 
> protocol version was bumped up to 32 or 33.
> When I run a f/e directly on the b/e (not using the network), I have no 
> problem at all. So it has to do with the mythtv network protocol. I 
> cannot think of any other source of problem. This is very frustrating.
> J.
> */Joe /* wrote:
>     ok, well thanks to some of you here i have finally got my backend
>     and frontend boxes talking, thank you for that.
>     my backend is a p4 1800mhz running slackware, and right now i have a
>     dell laptop 1600p4 running the frontend.
>     when i try to watch live tv or playback a recording, its dropping
>     frames, playback runs like garbage. at first i was using wireless.
>     then i  went to 100mbit lan. didnt fix anything. the recordings play
>     fine using samba on my windows box. right now i'm at work, and i'm
>     looking for things to try when i get home?
>     guess i'll copy one of the recordings over to the frontend box and
>     see if that plays back correctly. if it doesnt, what can i do?
>     lower the bitrate of the recordings?
>     anyone else have any problems streaming dvd quality recordings over
>     the network?
>     some ideas of what to check for would be great. thanks
>     Joe
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Isn't svn the testing/development branch?  I imagine it would not 
function properly all the time.  Given that it's a testing branch, 
perhaps a detailed bug report would be more constructive.  Is there any 
reason why you have to run svn?  Particular hardware support?  A must  
have feature?  I've been running myth since 0.5, never really had a 
problem with it outside of the occasional bug.  But then again I've 
always ran a stable version.  Perhaps a regression to the 0.20 fixes my 
be advisable.

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