[mythtv-users] Black menu screens when using Paint Engine = OpenGL (NVIDIA GeForce4 Graphics)

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Sat Mar 10 03:06:59 UTC 2007

nospam312 wrote:
> Does anyone know why I am getting completely black menu screens (apart
> from the are you sure you want quit screen) when I set the Paint
> Engine to OpenGL in mythfrontend.
> From what I can tell OpenGL is working when I look at the information
> in the NVIDIA settings applet.
> Any help appreciated?
Sounds like your OpenGL is screwed up/not enabled.  I have two 
MythFrontends, one is an Nvidia, OpenGL works great and all the screens 
look beautiful.  However, the other is an Asus Digimatrix that doesn't 
support OpenGL, when I tried to enable it on the frontend, I had similar 
results to what you are seeing.  On Gentoo, I had to use the eselect 
utility to set the OpenGL drivers to the NVidia ones before the screens 
looked good.   Not sure what distribution you are using....

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