[mythtv-users] Problem getting AverTVHD A180 going.

mike michaelachandler at cox.net
Sat Mar 10 02:11:35 UTC 2007

> OK. atscscan is a synonym for 'scan' as far as I can tell.
> I presume that you have the card and its driver installed properly...
> that is, no error messages in  dmesg... and it reports that it is
> installing, and then has installed the firmware. And there is a set of
> folders under /dev/dvb/adapter0
> Unless you can positively state those things, all bets are off.
> The commnand line you have given DOES NOT DO WHAT YOU WANT!
> scan -c only scans the card for services on the channel already tuned.
> You  have never, as far as I can tell, actually tuned the card to
> anything, so you are getting nothing...Think of it as tuning to 'channel
> 1'.
> You need to use:
> scan -a 0 -f 0 -d 0 -U US-Cable-Standard-Frequencies-QAM256
> This tells scan to try every frequency in that file...I may have the
> name of the file wrong... its so long, I immediately shortened it on my
> machine...The other switches force the use of adapter0, frontend 0,
> demux0 (in case you have multiple cards). The rest of the defaults are
> acceptable for your purposes. This will take quite some time to run. The
> summary is what you want.
> This will scan for *every* available service. Some will be encrypted,
> some will be radio. You can play with the command line switches to see
> what happens if you restrict the search, later. At the moment you want
> NOTE that this card will not decrypt encrypted HD channels. I presume
> you mention that fact, to confirm that you think you should be getting
> some QAM256 encoded, but unencrypted channels with this card. It also
> appears that you may be confusing digital with HD...Digital is a
> transport method. SD and HD are quality levels. With your card, you can
> get digital streams. In the US, you should get a number of SD streams,
> and a few HD streams, being the cable equivalents of the local (OTA) HD
> broadcasts which the FCC mandates that the cableco distribute
> *unencrypted*. In Canada, anything HD is encrypted on cable... dammit.
> Goeff

Thanks Geoff...and I mean a sincere THANKS! for having the patience to help me 
get this working, and it is!!!

I translated the commands you described for my stuff, and found that 

scan -a 0 -f 0 -d 
0 -U /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/atsc/us-Cable-Standard-center-frequencies-QAM256

...actually got over 300 channels. Once I knew that the card COULD get 
channels, I went back to mythtv-setup and added the card, and did the scan 
using "cable" and "QAM256" It works, mostly...there's some hanging up where 
it only gets "partial lock" sometimes, but overall it's working!

My channel editor is showing lots of garbage, I'm sure there's a lot of 
duplicates in there, and lables that don't mean anything to me... but I'll go 
back and sort that out later.

Once I get it all sorted out, it's gonna be very cool.

Many thanks again, Geoff.

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