[mythtv-users] Programming mythtv interface

Ramsey, Robert L robert-ramsey at uiowa.edu
Sat Mar 10 01:50:29 UTC 2007

Good idea; I hadn't thought of that.  More complicated than curl, but probably more productive in the long run.


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Ramsey, Robert L wrote:
> Hi,
> For several different reasons, I need to be able to programmatically add
> jobs to the mythtv queue to be recorded.  I know I could fake a post
> request to programmatically fake a web request to schedule a recording,
> but it seems like it would be simpler just to add the mysql entries to
> the right tables for the backend to find.  But then I'm not that
> knowledgable about how the backend works. ;)
> Can someone point me to that documentation for that?

Worst case, turn on database logging on the backend, schedule a 
recording, and look at the queries that are logged.


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