[mythtv-users] Gig Network

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Mar 9 16:41:36 UTC 2007

On Mar 9, 2007, at 8:36 AM, MacNean Tyrrell wrote:

> So i've been doing some reading, and just want to make sure i got  
> some things straight.  Is it true that i need mtu 9k on all my nic  
> cards and my switch?  Especially for liek say the HD HomeRun?  If  
> i'm recording 2 HD channels at the same time?  Yea i don't  
> necessarily get the whole jumbo frames, mtu 9k thing.  I've seen a  
> lot of cheap ($7 us) gig nic cards but only 7.5k.  So can someone  
> elighten me?  Also, anyone know of any cheap nic cards that work  
> right away in Knoppmyth r5e50? (like i posted a bit ago, i couldn't  
> get the r1000 driver to work for my dad's onboard gig nic card with  
> this distrubution, and yes i know i'll need more info, just was  
> curious if someone has gig nic working in that version i woul dbe  
> more inclined to get that nic card)   I'm also thinking of setting  
> up a RAID server, so does the 9k thing matter with that also?   
> Recording say 4 SD and 2HD at the same time over the network (just  
> curious i have 4 analog and than the 2 HDHR ones if they were all  
> recording at same time).  Also, anyone recommend at good switch,  
> say under $50 or ever less is always better.  Sorry for the long  
> post, i just dont' want to buy stuff and find out later i need more.

HDHomeRun requires a 100 Megabit connection to record 2 shows at  
once. In fact, it doesn't have gigabit on it, so any extra bandwidth  
would not help unless you're worried about adding to the traffic  
already on your network. If you're that concerned, you can get a  
100MBit card and plug the HDHR directly into the box that is storing  
your recordings.

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