[mythtv-users] Software RAID

Gene Stapp genestapp at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 14:29:04 UTC 2007

Al Banks wrote:
> On 3/8/07, casey dunn <casey.dunn at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Some fun stuff....
>> http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/flash.ars/8 - did someone say
>> flash raid?
>> http://www.infrant.com/products/products_details.php?name=ReadyNAS%20NVPlus
>> - sure it's expensive, but where else are you going to get on the fly
>> capacity upgrades?
>> http://zfs-on-fuse.blogspot.com/  - zfs sounds sweet on paper... Mmmmm raid-z
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> For capacity upgrades, take a look at EVMS.  I've never run this, but
> it sound interesting.  If anybody has experience with it, I would like
> to hear...
> http://evms.sourceforge.net/faq.html  From the FAQ:
> Q. I have a RAID-0 or RAID-5 volume with a JFS or XFS filesystem. I
> would like to expand my RAID volume by adding another disk. EVMS says
> the RAID volume must be inactive in order to expand, but it also says
> that JFS and XFS must be mounted in order to expand. How can I expand
> my RAID volume?
> A. This is definitely an unfortunate catch-22. Luckily there's a
> pretty simple workaround. All you need to do is fool EVMS into
> thinking there isn't an XFS or JFS filesystem on your RAID-0 or RAID-5
> volume just during the time that you want to expand it. To do this,
> move the appropriate plugin library (XFS and/or JFS) out of
> /lib/evms/x.y.z/ to some temporary location. Then run the EVMS UI, and
> since the XFS/JFS plugin isn't loaded, it won't detect the filesystem.
> Then you'll be able to expand the RAID volume. After the RAID expand
> is complete, you'll just need to manually expand the XFS or JFS
> filesystem (after mounting it). For XFS, use the xfs_growfs command.
> For JFS, you simply remount the filesystem using the command mount -o
> remount,resize /mnt/point. After this, you can move the XFS/JFS
> plugins back to the /lib/evms/x.y.z/ directory.
I have successfully done online capacity expansion without having to 
install anything extra. Here you go I started a thread about it at the 
time. I have done this a few times since then and have run into no 
problems. It takes a while depending on the size of the drive though :)

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