[mythtv-users] Always prescaling theme images on startup

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Mar 8 23:59:40 UTC 2007

On 03/08/2007 06:05 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 03/08/2007 03:59 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>>>>  People who run at the same resolution as the theme don't see this :)   (eg/ those who run at 800x600, for the "normal" 4:3 themes...)
>>> Gee, I'm running Iuliua at 800x600 and I see the scaling stuff every 
>>> time I fire up mythfrontend (or exit from Setup:Appearance....)
>> I'm guessing that for all of you who see it every time, such that every 
>> time it takes the same amount of time, you're running mythfrontend in a 
>> misconfigured environment.  I.e. check that you have a valid HOME 
>> environment variable and that you actually have write access to 
>> $HOME/.mythtv and all its subdirectories and all their contents.  If you 
>> don't have a HOME environment variable specified, Myth will try to use 
>> /.mythtv --off the root of the filesystem--where you likely don't have 
>> write access.  And, it wouldn't hurt to shut down mythfrontend and run:
>> rm -r $HOME/.mythtv/{theme,osd}cache
>> (where HOME /must/ be set to the same value you have in the environment 
>> that's starting mythfrontend).
>> As far as Iulius at 800x600 goes, I have no idea what's happening.  It 
>> should not even show the dialog.  Are you sure you don't have a value 
>> for "GUI width (px)" and/or "GUI height (px)" other than 800 and 600 
>> respectively or 0 (for fullscreen) for both?  If you run X at 800x600, 
>> but you don't run Myth fullscreen, you're not running Myth at 800x600.
> I think your last sentence is the answer. I run with "0" for both, so 
> GUI and TV are equal,

The GuiSizeForTV option makes no difference (only to video playback).

>  BUT I run with Myth *in a window*.
> I *will* check what $HOME is set to, but it is probably /root as I run 
> the mythbox as root (but a different user for mysql purposes). And root 
> *does* have write access to /root/.mythtv...I can easily remove the 
> cache sub-dirs and try again.

Note, also, that in many cases--depending on how (and who) starts 
mythfrontend, you may not have a HOME environment variable.  For 
example, all the people who start mythfrontend and/or X from init 
scripts (i.e. because they couldn't figure out how to do it 
right^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hset up autologin) /must/ set HOME=/path explictly 
(and export the variable)--you typically only "get" a HOME if you 
execute a login shell.

Heh.  Went to find the message where I explained the issue in more 
detail and noticed you were one of the people who involved in the 
thread...  Anyway, 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/231553#231553 .  The 
same that we already discussed for mythbackend/mythfilldatabase applies 
for mythfrontend/X if you start them through init scripts.

> I will also try it 'not in a window' and see if the cache building 
> disappears. But I will likely go back to a window version...too useful.

RunFrontendInWindow makes no difference on my system.  Only GuiWidth and 
GuiHeight do.

Can you try running:

mythfronted -geometry 800x600

and see if you still see it, please?  If so, it's likely that your 
window manager gives you an 800x600 window with some smaller drawable area.

mythfronted -geometry 800x600 -O RunFrontendInWindow=0

Will test that.


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