[mythtv-users] FCC blockouts

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Mar 8 19:24:12 UTC 2007

On Mar 8, 2007, at 12:10 PM, Mark Knecht wrote:

> Hi,
>    In San Jose I have a problem that shows up once in awhile with NBC.
> It's in town on channel 3 and out of town on channel 28. If the two
> show the same program at the same time then the one on channel 28 is
> blocked out. Normally Myth will choose the one on channel 3, the
> channel I asked it to record. In that case I'm always fine.
> Periodically it will, for some reason I don't understand, choose the
> one on channel 28 which is blocked and MYth records an hour of blue
> screen messages.
>    Short of deleting channel 28 from my channel lineup is there a way
> to tell Myth to choose channel 3 over channel 28 when the program info
> is the same?

Welcome to the world of "Syndicated Exclusivity".

If you are receiving these signals via a cable system you could ask  
the cable company to do what a lot of them do - put the channel 3  
programming on channel 28 during "blackouts".

Of course they may not be able or willing to do this, and you might  
be using an antenna.

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