[mythtv-users] [UK] Missing xmltvids

David Campbell dave at cpfc.org
Thu Mar 8 08:29:16 UTC 2007

Nick Morrott wrote:
> On 07/03/07, David Campbell <dave at cpfc.org> wrote:
> Make sure that you are also adding the channel IDs to the
> <videosource>.xmltv file in $BACKEND_USER/.mythtv, where <videosource>
> is the name of the videosource you created in mythtv-setup. This file
> is what mythfilldatabase (MFDB) uses to determine which channels to
> grab data for. You want to make sure that channels defined in MythTV
> and entries in this file are in complete agreement, otherwise you can
> get extra channels created when MFDB runs.

Thanks for the response Nick but I'm afraid that is the final straw for 
me wrt to Live TV on Myth.  I'm perfectly happy to compile a custom 
kernel and do whatever hackery required to get my hardware working in 
Myth but life is too short to sit for hours cutting and pasting xmlids 
and deleting entiries from second xml files just to get a channel listing.

It's a real shame because apart from trying to sort out my channels 
everything else has been pretty straight forward on Myth.

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