[mythtv-users] HD on SDTV playback question

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Mar 8 03:37:58 UTC 2007

Christian Burger wrote:
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>> On Mar 6, 2007, at 1:25 PM, Christian Burger wrote:
>>> You would think that, but on my AMD 64 4200+ X2 939 w/ 2 gigs of
>>> memory if I
>>> don't use XVMC on my Nvidia 5200 it's unwatchable.  It doesn't
>>> utilize all
>>> the CPU but you can tell it's dropping frames.  With XVMC it's
>>> beautiful and
>>> perfect ~ 20% cpu utilization.
>> Wow, something is seriously wrong. Just one of those cores should
>> handle the job with ease.
>> Are you running any other CPU-hungry apps? If not perhaps your video
>> driver setup isn't optimum, assuming that's an AGP video card.
>> Are you sure you're clocking the CPU where it should be? Frequency
>> scaling might be set up wrong, or the mobo settings?
>> I'd try and figure out what's going on because even if it's working
>> OK for you something isn't right and it may bite you when you least
>> expect it.
> Top reports nothing else utilizing any significant amount of cpu, even xine
> or mythtv doesn't utilize 100% but still drops frames.  I have performance
> governor set which keeps me 2.2Ghz all the time.  It's a FE/BE box, but BE
> uses perhaps a max of 7-8% if recording off of multiple tuners.  The box
> performs as it should except when it comes to HD.  I thought maybe the 5200
> wasn't up to par but I see a lot of people using them successfully so I
> figured it must be something on my end.  

I found that increasing the latencies for cards on the PCi buss made 
quite a difference. You may have that problem: too many things trying to 
steal small chunks of buss/CPU time.

It's been discussed on the list, and I think, off-hand, in Jarod's guide.


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