[mythtv-users] Migrating from Fedora Core to Ubuntu

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Mar 7 21:29:51 UTC 2007

> john sturgeon wrote:
>> I've decided to move from Fedora Core to Ubuntu, and I'm wondering if
>> anybody has any words of wisdom. I've got separate Frontend/Backend
>> systems, and right now I'm running FC4 on the backend, and FC5 on the
>> front.
>> I'm mostly interested in making sure that my recordings/database
>> settings/etc... get preserved on my backend.
> The MythTv documentation provides instructions on how to move your
> database to a new machine here:
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-23.html#ss23.7
> This essentially performs a backup and restore, which is what I
> believe you want to do.
> Other advice?
> You should plan to migrate both boxes at the same time.  Having the
> frontend and backend on different distributions makes it very
> difficult to keep the two at the same version.  And if the version is
> different, the front and back ends will not be able to communicate.

   Not really. You just have to build from the same source. That
process may be harder or easier depending on what distros are involved.
I've found Debian variants to be pretty easy in this regard. Dunno about
Fedora though. If you could easily manage the dependencies in the RPM
distros, it shouldn't be a big deal.

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