[mythtv-users] realtek r1000 driver not included

George Galt george.galt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 19:22:59 UTC 2007

I had a similar problem (no drivers) but because I was on Fedora, I
had the source.  Here is a rather good write-up of what to do that I
found somewhere (unfortunately, I don't remember the URL for the
original post).  While it is specific for Fedora, it has a few tips in
it that might be useful.


First you need to install the kernel header and the hardlink package.
You may need to install other packages, but the process is the same.
Log in as root:
$ su -
Check your kernel version:
$ uname -r
Now, this is the version of the kernel header you need to install. You
can find all the packages on the FC5 CD's/DVD or you can download them
from another computer
Make sure you choose the kernel-smp-devel version for the header (smp
is for dual core processors).
Now install it:
$ rpm -Uvh filepath
Now you're ready to install the network driver. Just follow the readme
file and enter the following lines in the shell:
$ tar vzxf r1000_v1.04.tgz
$ cd r1000_v1.04
$ make clean modules
$ make install
$ /sbin/depmod -a
Now you need to do:
$ modprobe r1000
$ dhclient
Now you can check if you successfully installed the driver:
$ dmesg
Look for lines starting with "eth0".
Reboot the computer.
Go to System->Administration->Network and your network card should
already be there. If your network card doesn't appear automatically
try adding a wrong card, for example the 3Com something... Then do the
above steps again (install the card) and the wrong card should be
replaced with the right one.
After you have filled in the proper IP-address, DNS and so on simply
deactivate and the activate the card. You network should be working
properly now.

Now you need to update your Fedora:
$ su -
$ yum -y update
After the update the network doesn't work any more. However this is
fairly easy to correct.
Navigate to the r1000_v1.04 folder from before and go to the src
directory. For example:
$ cd /home/username/r1000_v1.04/src/
When there type:
$ su -
$ gedit r1000_n.c
Once opened look for the following lines:
and replace them with:
Save and close.
Ok, now repeat the installation of the network driver and everything
should be fine.
You may want to install the NetworkManager:

On 3/7/07, Tom Lichti <tom at redpepperracing.com> wrote:
> MacNean Tyrrell wrote:
> >
> >     <snip>
> >     Kernel source is included in KnoppMyth, but it is tarred/gzipped. Look
> >     in /usr/src, and you should find it. You just need to untar it, which
> >     then should allow you to compile the NIC driver. I had to do this for
> >     the nVidia binary driver.
> >
> >
> > actually in the newest version of Knoppmyth (5e50 i believe) only the
> > headers were included.  But for some reason this should have worked but
> > didnt'.  You can go to KnoppMyth's forum site and cecil put up a link to
> > the tar'd file for the source.  I also had issues with this card with my
> > dad, i ended up putting in a different PCI NIC instead of using the
> > onboard one cause i couldn't get the r1000 driver to work.  (in the make
> > menu for the Kernel it says it's part of the install, not a module, and
> > not blank) i rebuilt the kernel and still couldn't get this driver to work.
> Ah. I am using slightly older versions of KnoppMyth, I wrongly assumed
> all versions came with kernel source.
> Tom
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