[mythtv-users] Help: Upcoming recordings list suddenly blank!

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Wed Mar 7 16:30:02 UTC 2007

On Wed, 7 Mar 2007 07:55:27 +0000, "Justin Hornsby"
<justin.hornsby at gmail.com> said:
> Try stopping mythbackend & run it with the --resched option.
> Failing that, make sure that the database isn't corrupt using
> mysqlcheck mythconverg.
> Failing that, make sure that the capture card(s) in the backend are
> still present at the correct device nodes (i.e. the same device nodes
> as when you first set up mythtv on that box).
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Thanks for your suggestions, I wish I had seen them last night!

Turns out ivtv dropped off the face of the earth and /dev/video0 went
with it.  Once ivtv was happy, everything came back to life.

In another relpy in this thread I noted that mysqlcheck will report a
table as 'OK' even when it's not.  If I check the table using the mysql
client with 'check table program;' (for example) it shows it as not
OK/corrupt.  Any idea as to why this is?  I thought both actions were

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