[mythtv-users] Always prescaling theme images on startup

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Wed Mar 7 16:01:23 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 07 March 2007 09:58, Dave wrote:
> Hi
> is anyone having the problem with mythtv *always* prescaling images on
> bootup (cold start) before you get the initial screen ?
> I'm running my bravia in 1360 x 768 and i have enough disk space, but
> it's always spending that annoying 5-10 seconds prescaling the themes. I
> thought the purpose of the cache was to cache the prescaled images ? And
> no i'm *not* changing themes. This is with the same theme i've decide on
> for the past month ! I want to increase the WAF and those extra precious
> seconds is getting negative comments from the W.

I'm seeing that on my secondary frontend, which is my main desktop computer. 
On that system, I run MythTV in a window rather than full-screen, so I'd 
tentatively assumed the problem had something to do with that fact, but I 
could well be wrong in that assumption. There are many other differences 
between the two systems (the desktop system runs 64-bit Gentoo on an AMD 
Athlon 64; the MythTV system runs 32-bit Ubuntu on an Intel Celeron-D, etc.). 
I've never seen the problem on my main frontend/backend system, except when 
changing video resolutions or font sizes in the frontend, when the scaling 
message is to be expected.

Rod Smith

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