[mythtv-users] Myth Control from Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

David Kramer david at thekramers.net
Wed Mar 7 12:55:06 UTC 2007

Melunko wrote:
> Hello there,
> I am involved at gmyth library development. So far we can handle EPG,
> scheduling, browse/download/stream/play recorded files and play livetv. Our
> current problem is that livetv for small devices works only for analog
> cards, since mythtv server does not have live transcode support, so DVB
> cards with a MPEG-2 video (big resolution) should not work on 770 or N800.
> We recently requested a patch to mythtv server to allow the remote
> device to
> request the transcode of recorded programs (in the case some records are
> MPEG-2 encoded), but livetv transcoding is still a big issue not solved
> yet.
> The libmysqlclient dependency is almost removed from gmyth, we are
> moving to
> retrieve the data via http/xml. But while this dependency is still
> there, it
> is possible to download the libmysql binaries from gmyth sourceforge
> download page (http://sf.net/projects/gmyth).
> <http://sf.net/projects/gmyth>

How about a new project, mythwebservice, that can serve http requests
for information from the database, returning XML.  Sounds like someone
could whip the basics together in a few weeks with the right tools, and
it wouldn't require changes to anything else.  Any app on the box can
read the database.  Layers are king!

> I am glad to see that some mythtv users also have a 770 or N800 device. If
> someone here is interested to contribute to this "mobile mythtv frontend",
> please, be our guest....

I was *very* close to buying one, but it didn't have quite the mix of
software I needed.  Though I did recently retire my Zaurus

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