[mythtv-users] Problem getting AverTVHD A180 going.

mike michaelachandler at cox.net
Wed Mar 7 01:41:31 UTC 2007

Guys, I hope this is simple, because it's killing me!

I have a perfectly working MythTV on Debian etch, brand new core-duo 2.4, lots 
of all the stuff. My TV card is a PVR-150. Works beautifully.

So now, I want to add a card to get the hi-definition, and I don't know what 
to do. I follow this wiki:
I get the driver loaded, modprobe saa7134-dvb.

 My local cable is COX and there are TWO listings on zap2it: 
1.Cox Comm South County - San Diego   
2.Cox Comm South County - San Diego - Digital 

(I have been using the #1 for my PVR150)

I do "mythtv-setup" and add capture card, select "DVB DTV  capture card (v3.x)
I click finish. I then point my input connection for the A180 to the "digital" 

In summary, doing this - nothing works, and I see this error in the terminal 
of mythtv-setup:
DiSEqCDevTree, Warning: No device tree for cardid 2.

Please, show me the error of my ways, I am obviously doing something VERY 

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