[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase problem

Joel McKee Cooper joel at mckooper.com
Tue Mar 6 21:35:30 UTC 2007

> > On 02/02/2007 02:54 PM, Michael James Hauan wrote:
> > I'm running SuSE 10.1 with MythTV 0.20-14.  Everything is installed and
> > working except mythfilldatabase, which always fails and reports a
> > variant of the following when run:
> > ...
> > Failed writing HTTP request: Bad file descriptor.
> On 02/08/2007 05:35 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Looks like the user running mfdb doesn't have access to the /tmp
> directory on the filesystem or something is messing with mfdb's temp
> files...
> Also, as a first step, make sure you have wget 1.10+ installed (only
> required for DataDirect users, so others please don't "correct" me on
> this one) or mfdb will fail (although I don't remember the error
> message, so I'm not willing to say that's the cause of this problem).
> Mike

I had the same problem, and fixed it by adding "--no-http-keep-alive"
to the wget commandline, line 851-852 in libs/libmythtv/datadirect.cpp


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