[mythtv-users] HD reference files?

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 16:50:59 UTC 2007

On 06/03/07, jason maxwell <decepticon at gmail.com> wrote:
> this is a good idea. there should be some sort of standard benchmark
> for myth. a script capable of analysing the results and making
> suggestions for tweaks based on the results would be awesome. probably
> not a very easy project, but it would be cool. SoC 07?

Perhaps an interim solution would be a simple script calling mplayer
with a selection of 480/576p,720p, 1080i/p video, and grepping the
dropped frames. This has the disadvantage of not using MythTV for
playback, but it should be give a good estimate of whether a system is
powerful enough for HD playback (SD playback is not an issue). The
picture gets more complicated with the addition of MPEG4 HD content
and its additional CPU requirements, but at least a user could get
some comparable numbers.

> sort of like the old days where everyone would run the quake2 demo and
> tweak until they had a framerate worthy of bragging to their friends
> about.

That always made me laugh, even amonst my own friends. Being able to
generate the timedemo faster than your output device could display it
served what purpose, other than identify who to gang up on first... :)

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