[mythtv-users] Fibre/Ethernet based IP based DVB - has anyone ever done this?

Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 16:23:28 UTC 2007

On 3/6/07, Nicolai Hanssing <nh at deltaelektronik.dk> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Setup:
>         - Full duplex 100mbps fibreconnection to my house
> (www.dongenergy.dk), a 'packetfront' converts this into two ethernet
> segments, one for broadcastbased service (TV etc.), and one for normal
> data.
>         - IP-based TV broadcasted through IBGP [Internet Broadcast
> Gateway Protocol], i think.
>         - Linuxbased setop-boks from www.dbnet.dk type Kreatel 1500,
>           now Motorola
> (http://www.motorola.com/content.jsp?globalObjectId=7461-10536-10544)
> I want to use MythTV for direct Ethernet based caturing, and playback -
> obviously :-)
> What I know:
>         - Access to broadcast streams are filtered on MAC-adresses, and
> perhaps on a embedded service-key.
>         - IP-based TV broadcasted is through IGMP [Internet Gateway
> Multicast Protocol], i think.
>         - Streams are as far as I know NOT encrypted.
>         - Streams are some sort of MPEG2 with bitrates from 4-8 Mbps.
> What I have done so far:
>         - Tried to install FC5 + MythTV_0.20, but failed since I did not
> have any capture cards.
> So what I want to ask:
>         * Has anyone on the list ever tried a setup like this?
>                 * If yes, any guides for installing Myth for an
> application without a defined capture-card (ie. Ethernet interface)?
>                 * If yes, what capture/TV interface is selected in the
> setup.
>         * Is it at all possible to do this?
>                 * First setup, would be leeching a single stream through
> an ethernet-hub to the Mythboks.
>                 * Then getting/reversing the protocol used to get the
> channels broadcasted (IGMP + ??)
>                 * Getting the Myth-boks MAC allowed.
> Is this even the right list to ask this?
> Hoping someone to shed some light on the questions above,

To get more information about what protocols are being used, you'll
need to put a hub between your "packetfront" and your settop box.
Try to get a 100Mbps hub (not a switch), and stick your Linux box off
one of the other ports.     IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol)
is used to manage which multicast streams you are subscribing to, so
the network devices forward the appropriate data to you (IGMP is very
well documented, a Google search will turn up a lot of good info).
The actual video data will be sent via a different protocol, like RTP
or RTSP.

You might also try using VLC to view the video streams.

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