[mythtv-users] Fibre/Ethernet based IP based DVB - has anyone ever done this?

Nicolai Hanssing nh at deltaelektronik.dk
Tue Mar 6 14:09:01 UTC 2007

Hi all,

	- Full duplex 100mbps fibreconnection to my house
(www.dongenergy.dk), a 'packetfront' converts this into two ethernet
segments, one for broadcastbased service (TV etc.), and one for normal
	- IP-based TV broadcasted through IBGP [Internet Broadcast
Gateway Protocol], i think.
	- Linuxbased setop-boks from www.dbnet.dk type Kreatel 1500, 
	  now Motorola

I want to use MythTV for direct Ethernet based caturing, and playback -
obviously :-)

What I know:
	- Access to broadcast streams are filtered on MAC-adresses, and
perhaps on a embedded service-key.
	- IP-based TV broadcasted is through IGMP [Internet Gateway
Multicast Protocol], i think.
	- Streams are as far as I know NOT encrypted.
	- Streams are some sort of MPEG2 with bitrates from 4-8 Mbps.

What I have done so far:
	- Tried to install FC5 + MythTV_0.20, but failed since I did not
have any capture cards.

So what I want to ask:

	* Has anyone on the list ever tried a setup like this?
		* If yes, any guides for installing Myth for an
application without a defined capture-card (ie. Ethernet interface)?
		* If yes, what capture/TV interface is selected in the
	* Is it at all possible to do this?
		* First setup, would be leeching a single stream through
an ethernet-hub to the Mythboks.
		* Then getting/reversing the protocol used to get the
channels broadcasted (IGMP + ??)
		* Getting the Myth-boks MAC allowed.

Is this even the right list to ask this?

Hoping someone to shed some light on the questions above,


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