[mythtv-users] Last few problems - playback consistency, auto-shutdown questions, live firewire

martin martin at knespel.at
Tue Mar 6 10:19:46 UTC 2007

Hi Chris,

This sounds a little bit like the problem that I have (see posting 
"Can't watch live TV (lengthy)" on 5th March). I have nothing observed 
in the backend-log, but when I start the frontend with "-v all" from the 
command line, there are indeed some error messages.

I only have one tuner card, recording works, but no LiveTV after editing 
the channels. The screen too goes black, and returns to the main menu.

I have no solution for that, but could you check whether you have these 
messages too? (check for "Error, timeout" or "failed to get pginfo").

Best regards,

Chris Weiland wrote:

... snip

> 3) For some reason, I'm able to record programs off of my firewire 
> connection, but I am not able to watch live TV.  If I hit Live TV, myth 
> will bring up my tv tuner card, then when I try to change inputs (to the 
> firewire), the screen goes black for about 10 seconds then returns to 
> the main menu.  I don't see anything strange in my backend log either.  
> Why won't it let me watch live?

... snip

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