[mythtv-users] Problem with PVR-150 capture

Robert Broughton bob at broughton.ca
Tue Mar 6 10:13:31 UTC 2007

I've had KnoppMyth mostly working since Saturday. I've even added the NX
Server, Firefox, and the Firefox mplayer plugin to it.

The only problem I've got right now is, some programs, such as "The
Daily Show" and "Desperate Housewives", record and play near-perfectly.
Others, such as "Saturday Night Live", are barely watchable. It's hard
to describe what's going on, but I've put up a couple of "screen
shots" (in the traditional sense; I took a picture of my TV screen with
a digital camera) that show the problem:

http://broughton.ca/images/ss1.jpg (note that the KCTS logo appears in
three places on the screen)
http://broughton.ca/images/ss2.jpg (horizontal streaks to the right of

I'm pretty sure this problem has to do with capturing, because I see the
same thing of I copy the MPG file to another computer and play it. I
don't think processing speed is an issue, because I've got a Celeron 1.8
GHz processor.

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