[mythtv-users] Tidying up the Channels listing

Derek Conniffe derek at rivertower.ie
Mon Mar 5 22:48:13 UTC 2007


I ran "scans" on my [DVB & PVR350] tuner cards and then I also set the 
videosources to Radiotimes XML grabber.

I've now got tons and tons of channels - some DVB ones are just numbers 
and there are lots of Radiotimes listing channels also.

Can anyone tell me how I link up Videosource derived channels to the 
real numbered channels and then how I firstly wipe the 90% junk channels 
and then re-organise the channels into a nice neat order?

I did this before with MythTV 0.17 but I seem to remember a horrible 
hack to do a channel SQL table update just after a mythfilldatabase run 
in the middle of the night - and I can't remember how I initially got 
the channels linked to the Voicesource channels either.

thanks for any help


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