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Mon Mar 5 11:22:30 UTC 2007

Can anyone comment on their setup if their setup is slightly unusual 
and doesn't
involve plain stereo into an amp or a digital feed into an amp?

ANy info on a non-standard audio setup might give me some hints on how to
configure my system.

Thanks in advance,


Quoting lists at higgers.me.uk:

> Hi All,
> I have recently been working on getting mythtv to output sound via 
> Jack.  I have
> successfully got sound routed from Myhtv (and Amarok) into Jack and 
> from there
> to my soundcard.  My long term aim is to do all sound processing on the
> frontend box and remove the need for a surround sound processor.  This will
> allow me to perform digital room correction on the frontend box and 
> not have to
> spend a fortune on an AV processor that can do DRC.
> However, I have no idea if it's possible to put a surround sound decoder
> somewhere along the path from MythTV to the soundcard.  At the moment I can
> only listen to stereo sound from my recordings unless I engage the surround
> sound processing in my AV processor.  Is there a plugin I can use in 
> MythTV or
> Jack that will do Dolby Surround decoding?
> Decoding Dolby/DTS 5.1 seems to be a different matter.  I've read 
> that Xine and
> MPlayer can decode a 5.1 stream and route it to the sound card.  I haven't
> tried this personally yet, I'm concentrating on TV viewing at the moment.
> My recordings are all via DVB-T in the UK and don't contain any 5.1 audio
> streams, just plain stereo.
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve.
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