[mythtv-users] Writing a dual layer DVD+R DL disk

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Mar 5 03:21:51 UTC 2007

On Mar 4, 2007, at 8:42 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> In message  
> <c841f4d10703040836l13d59243s27d200911ddfda15 at mail.gmail.com>
>           "jason maxwell" <decepticon at gmail.com> wrote:
>> its possible that data flow cant keep up with the speed of the  
>> writer.
>> you can pass cdrecord options thru growisofs.
> I can see I can pass mkisofs options through growisofs, though not  
> cdrecord
> options so far as I can see. Attempting to specify a -dummy option  
> results in
> it complaining about not being able to use '=' with mkisofs options. I
> suspect it believes that any options it doesn't recognise are to be  
> passed to
> mkisofs but that is incompatible with my specifying a prebuilt image.
> I've tried the -dry-run option on growisofs but that seems to do  
> very little
> - it certainly doesn't go through the entire writing process with  
> the laser
> switched off.
> Also, my specifying -speed=1 seemed to make no difference - it went  
> back to
> writing at 2.5x speed, which may be the issue as the media is only  
> rated at
> 2.4x speed. The really odd thing is that dvd+rw-mediainfo indicates  
> the drive
> is capable of 6.1x, 5.1x, 4.1x, 3.1x, 2.0x and 1.0x write speeds, yet
> growisofs claimed it was writing at 2.5x speed.

The media is supposed to tell the drive what speed it is capable of  
being written to at. 2.4X is a common speed for DL disks, but perhaps  
the drive isn't capable of such fine distinctions as that between 2.4  
and 2.5? I wouldn't think it would make much difference but then why  
do they spec 2.4?

I don't know why -speed=1 doesn't work, it should AFAIK, man  
growisofs if you haven't already for more info.

You might want to be sure your drive(s) have the latest firmware  
available, the vendor's site should help you out there.

> If I could get it to slow down I might have more success. I'm  
> beginning to
> believe that I might be better off using something other than  
> growisofs, but
> the version of cdrecord that I have can't do DVD+.

I'm still betting it's a media problem, you might try buying a single  
or a 3-pack of high-priced media to check, but that's a costly test,  
and cost does not always equal quality.

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