[mythtv-users] 800 MHz P3 for HDTV

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Sun Mar 4 01:48:45 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 03/03/2007 04:39 PM, stan wrote:
>> It seems if the display card is doing all the decoding work, than all the
>> cpu needs to do is move 8 GB of data per hour to the video card.
> XvMC isn't decoding--it's simply doing some of the math on the video 
> card, rather than doing all the math and all the rest of decoding on the 
> CPU.
> Mike

Ding ding ding, if there *was* a video card that did full decoding you 
could resurrect that old Celeron 433 doorstop (come on we've *all* got 
one or two and there's only so many firewalls you can usefully have) as 
a quasi-asymmetric multiprocessor High Definition Home Theater Personal 
Computer (QASMP-HD-HTPC, thats a mouthful) which would save lodes of 
money and the environment along with making the manufacturer of the 
video~decoder~gpu~cpu AGP riser-card type thing, a fortune.

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