[mythtv-users] PVR-350 on FC6 black screen on playback

Adrian 642040 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 21:01:21 UTC 2007

I have been struggling with the same issue for a few days.  I don't
have a good solution, but I have found that I can get it to work by
switching the PVR-350's video decoding on, trying to play a recording,
switching the decoding off again, and finally video works.  This is
not a great solution because you have to do it each time you restart
the frontend and because the output is severely overscanned.  Anyway,
I am planning to pick up a new video card with TV-out, because I am
tired of messing with it.  This is very unfortunate, because the
PVR-350's output used to be excellent.


On 3/3/07, Fred Firestine <ffluvssg1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Apologies if you have seen this on the ivtv list... After being a big
> fan of MythTV for months on Fedora Core 4, I decided it was time to
> upgrade to Fedora Core 6 (actually a fresh install). Most of my
> settings, database info, etc. have been migrated properly, and
> everything is working, except for watching recorded programs. When I
> press play, sometimes I see a flash of the program followed by a black
> screen, most of the time just a black screen. Audio is fine. I have
> been searching around for several days now, and this seems to be a
> common problem. The IVTV Howto recommends the following in
> /etc/modprobe.conf:
> options ivtv-fb osd_compat=1
> This does not work for me. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I
> noticed that if I minimize mythfrontend, I can see the video image
> "bleeding through" the icons on the desktop, the taskbar, etc. Is
> there any way I can take advantage of that as a workaround?
> Please help. My family is abandoning MythTV for the VCR.  :-(
> My setup:
> Fedora Core 6 2.6.19-1.2911.fc6
> MythTV 0.20.153
> Two capture cards: PVR-350, PVR-150
> Video output on PVR-350 TV Out
> [root at mythtv rules.d]# rpm -qa ivtv*
> ivtv-0.10.1-126.fc6.at
> ivtv_xdriver-0.10.7-8_r3843.fc6.at
> ivtv-kmdl-2.6.19-1.2911.fc6-0.10.1-126.fc6.at
> ivtv-firmware-20070217-13.at
> /var/log/messages output during playback:
> Mar  3 13:15:19 mythtv kernel: ivtv0: Stereo mode changed
> Mar  3 13:15:19 mythtv kernel: ivtv0-fb warning: ivtv_fb_prep_frame:
> Nothing to do. count = 0
> Mar  3 13:15:40 mythtv last message repeated 610 times
> Mar  3 13:15:40 mythtv kernel: ivtv0-fb warning:
> IVTVFB_IOCTL_GET_ACTIVE_BUFFER no longer supported
> Mar  3 13:15:40 mythtv kernel: ivtv0-fb warning:  - Please use
> Mar  3 13:15:41 mythtv kernel: ivtv0-fb warning: ivtv_fb_prep_frame:
> Nothing to do. count = 0
> Thanks for your help!
> Fred
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