[mythtv-users] Silverstone Case with VFD and Linux driver

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Sat Mar 3 13:50:37 UTC 2007

> I just ordered one of those cool Silverstone cases with the VFD text
> display.    I currently have a fairly nice micro-ATX case, but need some
> more room for drives and cards.  It's expensive but has gotten really good
> reviews, the look will fit in well with my entertainment system - and it
> has an integrated IR receiver as well.  I have been trying to get lirc
> working with lirc-serial on my current setup (compiled it from source, and
> it loads without errors, but my Harmony remote doesn't work with it so
> far).
> The case vendor supplied a link to a Linux driver for the text display.  I
> was wondering if anyone has this set up and working, and if so, is there
> anything special I need to do to get it to work?

I have the VFD driver and lirc working w/supplied remote on my LC16M case,
not that hard. Right now I just have the VFD showing a clock because there's
no other dedicated clock display in the room since the VCR has been retired.
I had a little trouble (last year) getting the display to show mythtv events
like one is supposed to be able to do, but others have reported more
success, and I believe someone on the list has the extra case buttons & knob
working as well. My case sits over by the TV so I am pretty happy as long as
the remote works and there's a clock. I did get a Harmony 720 a couple of
months ago and it "almost" works with the VFD iMon receiver, still need to
tune it so I don't have to double-click the Harmony keys. It must not be
bugging me too much to use the iMon remote or I would have fixed it.


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