[mythtv-users] Please help with direct TV problem

Brian Guilfoos mythtv at guilfoos.com
Fri Mar 2 19:49:04 UTC 2007

Kevin Slater wrote:
> On 3/2/07, *Brian Guilfoos* <mythtv at guilfoos.com
> <mailto:mythtv at guilfoos.com>> wrote:
>     If you have channel overlap (eg, get locals over DirecTV and OTA), you
>     can go edit the database to ensure the callsigns are identical, which
>     will allow the scheduler to use either tuner as needed to record
>     something on those common channels.  For example, my HDTV tuners are at
>     a higher priority than my DirecTV tuners, so network TV is usually
>     recorded in high-def.  On Monday nights, I've got three recordings
>     simultaneously (24, Heros, Two And A Half Men), and one is bumped to the
>     DirecTV tuner automatically if all three recordings are new episodes.
> Wait, that doesn't seem right. The callsign's should be able to be
> unique shouldn't they? I have a SD tuner in 1 backend and a HD tuner in
> another and I get the same action as you, but my callsign's are
> different for the HD versus SD version of the same channel.

[ Logs into mythweb, pulls up channel table... ]

On my setup, the "name" fields are different, as are the channum, but
callsign are indeed identical (in my case, I chopped off the "-DT" on
channels that had identical programming as the sat channels - ie, not
PBS).  Never had a single problem.  I think virtually all of my
broadcast recordings are of the "record all on this channel" variety,
and it seemlessly switches over to recording on the DirecTV input when
the two OTA inputs are busy.

I seem to remember setting it up this way based on this list.  (See:
See also, the other archived thread referenced in the first thread.)

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