[mythtv-users] Using commercial PVR (Topfield, Humax, etc) as a frontend

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Mar 2 17:16:31 UTC 2007

On Mar 2, 2007, at 10:01 AM, migmog wrote:

>> What is it you want to control via the web ? Recordings can be
>> scheduled via a web browser by a TiVo, assuming it's connected to the
>> internet (or your own internal network). The Series 2 units use a
>> standard USB to ethernet adapter, but it has to be one of the
>> "supported" ones. This function may only be available in the USA
>> however, and I don't know where you are (gmail could be anywhere).
> I'm in the UK. Tivo is not available.

I suspected that from your reference to Topfield, but it points out  
that folks should mention their location if it might be relevant to  
the question (no offense intended, I'm as bad at that as anyone).

> I don't want to view the web page on the PVR, I want to view the
> (myth)web page on my laptop to pick shows to record. I also want to be
> able to do this from anywhere on the internet.

So can't MythWeb do that? You'd have to take the appropriate  
precautions but there's info on that on the WiKi.

> Can a PVR play Myth recordings? I'm interested on DVB, so the format
> should be the same

Depends on the PVR, but you'd have to get the recording onto the PVR,  
as well as the metadata that allowed you to see its listing etc. Some  
PVRs have "security" functions built-in to prevent just what you're  
talking about, the copyright owners are just too paranoid for their  
own good.

So it really depends on what PVR and how much work you are able and/ 
or willing to do under the hood. I'd check out the user forums for  
the various commercial products. I've seen a lot of info on going the  
other way - playing a file from a commercial PVR on a Linux system,  
but I've not seen any info about going the other way.

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