[mythtv-users] Recording reruns

Jerry Bett bjett80 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 14:38:38 UTC 2007

On 3/2/07, Pete Flaherty <pjf at cape.com> wrote:
>  I've been collecting these too ...
>  Schedule options
>  * Record at anytime on channel xxxx
>  * Autoexpire recordings
>  * Record New and Expire Old
>  No Recordings to keep 20
>  Adjust No as needed
>  I set AutoExpire because I wanted to allow for some of my older ones to be
> replaced). When I finish updating the recordings, just remove the autoexpire
> and Record New ...
>  -Pete F
>  On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 06:45 -0600, Jerry Bett wrote:
> Perhaps I'm having a senior moment here, but I'm stuck trying to get
> my mythtv to record shows mark as "reruns".
> The specific show is Star Trek: Enterprise. I've told it to "forget
> old" and I can override or force the recording of a specific show, but
> I can't figure out how to tell mythtv "I don't care if it's a rerun or
> not, just record all of them".
> And I don't have "Record new episodes only" selected.
> Any ideas ?
> JBett
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Thanks Pete,

I deleted the original recording schedule and made sure to delete the
show in the 'previously recorded' list, re-added the schedule as you
described and the scheduler
picked up all the shows.


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